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Whale Watching La Gomera

The Whale Watching Guide from La Gomera - for La Gomera

Whale Watching in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera is one of the most popular tourist highlight of the second smallest Canary Island - and not without reason!

La Gomera is one of the best whale watching spots in Europe and the local providers advertise a sighting probability of almost 90%. A whale watching tour on La Gomera costs, depending on the provider, between 40.00 € - 45.00 € per person and all trips start in the port of Valle Gran Rey. There is no difference between high and low season. Children generally pay a reduced price and babies are usually allowed to travel free of charge.

More than 24 different species of whales and dolphins have been sighted off La Gomera's coasts in the last 15 years. But which individual species can you expect to see on the trips and when is the best time to observe the marine mammals?

The best time to go whale watching on La Gomera is definitely spring (February/March /April and May). Pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins can be seen almost all year round and also regularly off La Gomera's coasts. But especially in spring, with a little luck, you have the rare opportunity to observe whales, rare dolphin species and dolphin schools with up to 1000 animals. However, there is of course no (sighting) guarantee!

At Just Whale Watching you will find all whale watching and boat tour providers on La Gomera: Oceano, Speedy, Tina, Amazonia and Pura Vida. Including current prices, departure times and helpful insider tips from marine biologists and whale watchers - enjoy the trip! 

Whale Watching with Oceano Gomera

Whale Watching Oceano Gomera

Authentic & sustainable

The whale watching provider Oceano Gomera stands for gentle and respectful whale watching in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera. They go out to sea in small, typical Canarian fishing boats to watch the whales and dolphins. A maximum of 10 guests are taken on board per excursion and Oceano also offers marine biology guided excursions as well as sunrise and sunset tours.

From 44,00€ / Person

Duration 3-4 hours

Whale Watching with Amazonia

Whale Watching Amazonia La Gomera

Relaxed & real Experienced

Juan, the captain of the whale watching boat Amazonia, knows the waters of La Gomera like no one else. The boat is stable in the water and guests have chill- and seating areas at their disposal. After each excursion we anchor in a bay and serve homemade paella (vegetarian) and free drinks. There is a maximum of 12 guests per trip and the trip lasts 3-4 hours.

From 44,00€ / Person
Duration 3-4 hours

Whale Watching with Excursiones TINA

whale watching tina la gomera

Comfortable & spacious

The Tina is a medium sized yacht that has been taking tourists out to sea to watch whales and dolphins for over 20 years. After the trip, the Tina stops in a small bay and serves fresh fish, salad and drinks (included in the price). And if you want, you can also go for a swim in the crystal clear water. On windless days there is also the possibility to go to the organ pipes "Los Órganos". 

From 40,00€ / Person
Duration 3-4 hours

Alle Whale Watching Anbieter

Whale Watching with Pura Vida


Cozy & real Spanish

Captain Carmen takes a Mallorcan cabin boat and a maximum of 10 people out to sea to watch the dolphins. In front you will find comfortable seating and a sunshade.  After the excursions there is a short bathing break and free food and drinks. Depending on the season, the Pura Vida also offers sunrise and sunset tours.

From 43,00€ / Person
Duration 3-4 hours

Whale Watching with Speedy Adventures

Whale Watching Speedy La Gomera

Silent & Fast

The Speedy is a high-horsepower inflatable boat that glides almost silently across the Atlantic. Thus, even long distances can be covered in a relatively short time. For guests who are tending to seasickness, the Speedy is a good option. In addition, the Speedy also offers island tours around La Gomera - however, the weather conditions must be good here, otherwise it can be a bit rocky.

From 40,00€ / Person

Duration 3-3,5 hours

Whale & dolphin species on La Gomera 

whale watching on la gomera

All types at a glance

In the last few years, 24 different species of whales and dolphins have been sighted and identified off the coast of La Gomera. This is almost unique in Europe. But which particular species of marine mammals can you expect to see on the whale watching trips? And are there also large whales off La Gomera's coasts? The fact is that the sighting rates of the individual providers are between 80-90%.This is also unique.

Whale watching tours with a marine biologist

The sustainable provider Oceano Gomera offers in irregular intervals also marine biology guided whale watching trips with the marine biologist Volker Boehlke, who is well known in the Canary Islands (ONLY IN GERMAN !!!)

 A real adventure that you should not miss!

But please do not look forward too early, because these are usually booked up well in advance!

You will go in a small and authentic fishing boat out to sea to observe the whales and dolphins off the coast of La Gomera. Volker always chats a little from the "sewing box" and you can ask him your questions.

If you have a sighting, Volker will also hold his underwater microphone in the water and you can "listen" to the dolphins - a truly unique and unforgettable experience!

*You will be taken directly to the Oceano booking form. For this I receive a small commission from Oceano.

La Gomera Whale Watching

Free Checklist: Whale Watching La Gomera

Whale watching with children? What should you pay attention to before and during a dolphin tour? And what else should you think about?

La Gomera Whale Watching

Whale Watching, Snorkeling & Fun

Charter your own whale watching boat.

You want to watch the whales and dolphins of La Gomera and then go snorkeling or swimming in a secluded bay? Just switch off and relax?

Or maybe you would like to do a sunrise or sunset tour? A truly unique experience!

The Pura Vida offers you the opportunity to rent the whole boat for yourself or with friends (max. 10 persons).

The program can be arranged according to your wishes - and of course your culinary well-being is also taken care of. 

From 350,00 € for 3,5 hours and max. 10 persons

Whale Watching La Gomera mit Essen / Verpflegung
Bootstour Los Organos La Gomera

Boat tours to the organ pipes "Los Órganos

Located on the north coast of La Gomera, the organ pipes "Los Órganos" are considered the most beautiful rock formations in the Canary Islands. The cliffs, almost 90 meters high and 200 meters wide, are located near the village of Vallehermoso and these can only be viewed by the sea.

The provider Tina also offers, weather permitting, regular trips to these very impressive rock formations formed by nature. The tour takes you from Vueltas towards La Playa and then you drive past the famous Playa del Inglés until you reach the impressive rock formations a little later - and you are sure to see a dolphin or two during the trip!

One thing is for sure: If you haven't seen the organ pipes yet, then a boat trip to Los Órganos is definitely one of the MUST DOES on La Gomera.

Bootstour La Gomera

What is respectful whale watching?

No matter which whale watching provider you choose, to all tour providers on La Gomera offer "Respectful Whale Watching". At least this greenwashing slogan is intensively advertised. But what is respectful or sustainable whale watching? Are there internationally valid rules, or is it enough to apply for the so-called "Barco Azul"? 

And what should you look for as a tourist when booking a whale watching trip on La Gomera?


We will answer all your questions about this topic.

Whale Watching im Valle Gran Rey auf La Gomera
Meeresbiologe Volker Boehlke La Gomera

Why are there so many whales and dolphins in the Canaries?

A guest article by marine biologist Volker Boehlke

Why are the sighting rates on La Gomera actually so high and why are there so many different species of whales and dolphins in the Canary Islands? Volker Boehlke, one of the most famous marine biologists on the Canary Islands and owner of the exciting website Gomera Vive, answers this question in detail in an interesting guest article.


If we want to summarize it in general, there are basically only four relevant aspects.

And by the way: Volker Boehlke offers not only marine biology guided whale watching trips. On his website you will also find varied hikes, excursions off the beaten track as well as exciting rocky mudflat tours and much more....

Delfintour La Gomera
Der MEER eV auf La Gomera

The M.E.E.R. eV - research and education

Since M.E.E.R. eV was founded in 1998, this non-profit association from Berlin has been collecting sighting data on marine mammals on La Gomera. These data are then evaluated and processed. In the course of time, one of the most extensive sighting databases in the world has been created with currently more than 11.000 data sets.

Among other things, the association is committed to ensuring that encounters between whales and dolphins take place with respect, consideration and in compliance with whale-watching regulations.

From the beginning, M.E.E.R. eV has worked closely with the provider Oceano. On each whale watching trip, the individual sightings with the concise characteristics (e.g. exact location, conspicuousness, species, number of animals, etc.) are documented by the guides and later analyzed.

Unfortunately, the land observation station on La Gomera shown in the photo no longer exists.

About me - Markus 

Hola, I am Markus Mette and I have been living on La Gomera for over 10 years. I love whale watching and I still try to get out to the sea as often as possible to watch the marine mammals!

The first five years I worked for the sustainable whale watching provider OCEANO, so I can judge the work of the different providers very well. I personally know all the providers I present on my website and I can really recommend all tours without exception.

I hope that I can inspire you a little bit for the topics "Respectful Whale Watching", environmental protection and sustainability" and wish you a great whale watching trip in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera!

Markus Mette La Gomera


I could not have created this website on my own! Only through the energetic and dedicated support of everyone involved could this project be realized. A special thank you to....

  • Volker Boehlke (Owner Gomera Vive)

  • Rolf Ahlers (Owner  Oceano Gomera)

  • Fabien Ritter (Chairman M.E.E.R. e.V.)

  • Volker Smit (2. Chairman M.E.E.R. e.V.)

  • Susanne Braack (Owner Oceano Meerzeit) 

  • Sandra Schuster Böckler (Herzen-Sehen)

  • Ulla Christina Ludewig (WDC)

  • Ulrich Karlowski (Chairman DSM)

  •  Angela Schröder (Owner Speedy & Tina)

  • Juan & Marco (Amazonia)

  • Carmen (Owner Pura Vida)

Über mich

Science, research, marine conservation, holidays


Logo vom MEER e.V.

MEER eV is based in Berlin and there is no other NGO that has collected more precise and extensive sighting data on whales and dolphins off the coast of La Gomera. In close and long-term cooperation with the sustainable provider Oceano , sighting data is recorded and processed with every exit.

Marine biologist Volker Boehlke - GomeraVive

Logo von Gomera Vive

Nobody knows the marine mammals as well as the marine biologist Volker Boehlke, who lives and conducts research on La Gomera. On his unique website Gomera Vive he also shows you the small and large natural wonders of the second smallest Canary Island. If you want to learn more about the flora and fauna of the island or want to go on a guided whale watching trip, you are in good hands with Volker.


Logo Lamar Reisen

On the Canary Islands of La Gomera and El Hierro, as well as in other European destinations, the travel agency LaMar offers individual and group trips with a focus on dolphin and whale watching, where you can also relax. The program also includes research trips, maritime incentive trips, adventure trips on a sailboat or volunteering trips. Since 2014 La Gomera is the "port" of LaMar and Barbara Focke, the owner, is an enthusiastic whale watcher herself.


Logo von Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Founded in England in 1987, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) has set itself the task of protecting whales and dolphins worldwide - including their habitats. Regardless of whether it is a question of stopping whaling, closing dolphinariums or protecting the oceans - the non-profit species and animal welfare organization WDC is always at the forefront.


Logo Deutsche Stiftumg Meeresschutz

The Bürgerstiftung Deutsche Stiftung Meeresschutz (DSM) wants to counteract the incredible exploitation of the world's oceans and the destruction of its inhabitants. The DSM fights against the looting and destruction of the seas and advocates a respectful treatment of marine animals. It promotes and / or implements projects and initiatives that aim to protect endangered marine life and their habitats.

Oceano Meerzeit


If you want to swim with whales and dolphins, then you should contact the sustainable tour operator Oceano Meerzeit Reisen. This offers dolphin trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia and also in Europe (La Gomera).

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